Newtown Castle is located in the West of Ireland, at about a mile and a half distance from the picturesque village of Ballyvaughan.

Eircode H91 H299
Coordinates : 53°06′14″N 9°10′09″W / 53.103861°N 9.169228°W / 53.1033707,-9.1715709

Leave No Trace in the Burren

Firmly believing in the benefits of the ‘Leave no trace’ programme, we encourage visitors enjoy the outdoors responsibly, by following these essential seven steps:

1. Plan ahead and prepare
  • Where possible, use public transport, walk or cycle, especially in the Burren country side
2. Be considerate of others:
  • Respect the people who live and work in the countryside,
  • Park appropriately – avoid blocking gateways, forest entrances or narrow roads.
  • Take care not to damage property, especially walls, fences and crops.
  • Respect other visitors and protect the quality of their experience.
  • Let nature’s sounds prevail. Keep noise to a minimum.
3. Respect farm animals and wildlife:
  • Dogs should be kept under close control and should only be brought onto hills or farmland with the landowner’s permission.
  • Observe wild animals and birds from a distance. Avoid disturbing them, particularly at sensitive times: mating, nesting and raising young (mostly between spring and early summer).
  • Keep wildlife wild, don’t feed wild animals or birds
  • Farm animals are not pets; remain at a safe distance.
4. Travel and camp on durable ground
  • Concentrate use on existing tracks and campsites.
  • To avoid further erosion, travel in single file in the middle of the track even when wet or muddy.
  • Keep campsites small and discreet.
  • Aim to leave your campsite as you found it, or better.
5. Leave what you find:
  • Respect property and leave gates as you find them (open or closed).
  • Preserve the past: examine – without damaging – archaeological structures, old walls and heritage artefacts e.g. holy wells, mine workings, monuments.
  • Conserve the present: leave rocks, flowers, plants, animals and all natural habitats as you find them. Fallen trees are a valuable wildlife habitat; do not remove or use for firewood.
  • Do not build rock cairns, structures or shelters
6. Dispose of waste properly: “If you bring it in, take it out” – take home all litter and leftover food
7. Minimise the effects of fire and avoid burning plastics or other substances, which emit toxic fumes.

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